Thursday, August 23, 2007

Do you want to get annoyed?

I hate when software asks things like
"Do you want to reboot now?" or
"Do you want to stop debugging?"

I almost always see this when I've done something that means I have to stop debugging or I have to reboot, even though I don't want to. While other software forces me to start what I am doing over again, I tolerated this knowing how much harder it would be to write software that let me continue working. Having the software ask me if I want to is painfully bad design - it feels like my computer is making fun of me. "Oh, did you want to keep working? Ha Ha - you want to keep working don't you. Well you aren't going to!"

Even worse, but rarely seen, is the dreaded countdown of reboot doom. This is where the software developer decided not only that a reboot was needed, but they should not give you the option to do it later. In a perverse attempt to be friendlier than instantly turning off your machine, you get a dialog box saying "your computer will reboot in 30 seconds" 29, 28, 27 ... 1, 0 Like a bomb in a B movie. If you were doing anything important, now you have to make a split second decision - should you spend your time trying to save your work and close anything running, or try various things to stop your computer from rebooting. Do I cut the red or green wire?

Even asking a question is unnecessary. I know how to reboot my machine, and I can decide when. How about simply "You will need to reboot your system before using this application".


Blogger Lexxical said...

What I really hate is not being able to disable the nags

12:58 PM  

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